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Photo: Jazmin Corona Photography

New Album Release wins
2024 Storytelling World Award

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Custom Designed

Performances & Workshops

Jasmin can spice up your school assembly

or public event with her

energetic performances & interactive workshops!


Bilingual Spanish/English

Experience working with and designing curriculum for all ages: toddler, Pre-K, Grade School, Middle School, Young People &  Adults



(45-60 minute Story Shows)

Cuentos from the Americas - A combination of ancient legends, myths, folktales and personal tales from North, Central and South America. All Ages

Music, Movement, elements of Dance & Visual Images

Mummies From the Americas​: Did you know that the oldest man-made mummy ever found was in this hemisphere? King Tut may be the most famous mummy but 2000 years before Egyptian mummies the Chinchorro people of Chile were honoring their beloveds with their own unique methods. Hear some of the incredible archaeological finds and the stories of those first peoples of the Americas. 

Listen, Shake & Move! Participatory Folktales:  Age old folktales like you've never seen where everybody is in the action. American classics. Pre-K- 1st grade


Being from In-Between - Personal tales of growing up bi-cultural and bilingual. 3rd-5th grade and adults

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Contributing Author in Supporting Diversity and Inclusion with Story: Authentic Folktales and Discussion Guide
Performing La Llorona at The Ray Bradbury Storytelling  Festival, 2011

Years of teaching Creative Drama workshops for teachers, storytelling for all ages and offering parent literacy workshops has taught Jasmin to customize workshops

"I learned that I don't have to be ashamed of myself by telling stories and speaking out loud." 

             5th Grader at Oakton School, Evanston, IL

  As the Cuentos Aqui Storyteller for the Chicago Public Library she had the privilege of working with Latino children and families as an early literacy specialist.  

She is a wonderful storyteller. After Jasmin came to our class I started storytelling like that...the kids are on their toes...and stories have never been the same!" 

Mrs. Richardson, Beard School, Chicago, IL

2nd Story at City Winery, Chicago, IL

¡El Día del los Niños,       El Día de los Libros!

Career Highlights

2023 National Storytelling Festival, NEW Voice Featured Teller

2023 Chicago Public Library Summer Tour Artist - 14 locations

2022 Mitambo Theater Festival, Zimbabwe - Toured DISPOSABLE

2022 Johannesburg, South Africa, Toured DISPOSABLE

2022 Weber State Storytelling Festival, Utah

2021, 2022 Maybe Something Beautiful, Voice Artist, Adaptor with
           Chicago Symphony Orchestra & Chicago Childrens Theater

2020  Logan Center of the Performing Arts Guest Artist - Virtual

2020   Illinois Storytelling Festival - Virtual 

2018 Outstanding Storyteller ALTA AWARD, Alliance of Latinx Theater Artists of Chicago
The National Storytelling Festival 2016 Exchange Place Teller

Featured Teller at national Storytelling Festivals:
     2018 Midland Storytelling Festival, Texas
     2018 Kansas City Storytelling Festival, Missouri
     2017 Hispanic Storytelling Festival Midland, Texas
     2016 National Storytelling Conference
     2016 Illinois Storytelling Festival
     2015 Evanston Storytelling festival

Recipient of the 2012 RaceBridges Storytelling Fellowship

Featured Teller at The Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival
       2019, 2015, 2012, 2011

- Chicago Public Library - Cuentos Aqui Storyteller
- Book-a-mania at Chicago Public Library
- Mohegan Colony Storytelling Festival, NY
- Sterling Storytelling Festival
- Fox Valley Storytelling & Music Festival
- Susan Alexander International Theater Festival, Puebla, Mexico
- Pre-K-3rd grade School Tour, Cali, Colombia, S.A.
- Chicago Children's Humanity Festival
- Two Chairs, Minneapolis, MN
- Tellebration Chicago
- Taste of Chicago
- Kohl/ McCormick StoryBus Lead Storyteller
Family Literacy Nights or Hispanic Heritage Programming. Acclaimed writer and founder of Dia de Los Niños, Pat Mora personally asked Jasmin to be an Official Dia Ambassador!! Joyful  participatory programming for families of the youngest child. Helping Parents be their child's best first teacher with Early Literacy programming. 
2nd Grade Class, Escuela Jose Maria Villegas, Cali, Colombia, South America
Stories for Grade School 2nd-8th

An Aztec Legend: The 5th Sun

Performed at The Old Town School of Folk Music on February 9, 2017

Stories for Young people (H.S.)  & Adults
My Brother's Keeper: A teenager works to save a mans life on death row

Developed Thanks to the RaceBridges Storytelling Fellowship. For more discussion questions, resources and more of my stories about identity and justice: 

Download Information here!!!   Click & Print or email
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